Kabbalah By Heart

Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Certified Kabbalah Coach

From the Center for Jewish History - cjh.org
Truth Seekers:  Easily Learn Kabbalah, the Mysteries of Judaism and Jewish History and Holidays.  No Prior Knowledge Needed Whatsoever.

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Classes on the Kabbalah Cards, Jewish History, Jewish Holidays, Judaism, & Ask Me about: The Kabbalah of Your Birthday, Free Audios, Videos and Sample Kabbalah Cards.
  •  Are you the type of person who would enjoy a spiritual practice that is enlightening but Jewish?

  •  Have you wanted a Judaism you could apply directly to any challenge you might have in life?

  •  Feel pride in your heritage by accessing the deepest, most relevant part of Judaism and Kabbalah.

  •  Enjoy the Jewels of Jewish wisdom that your Bubbe never taught you!