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Happy Chanukah!!

Posted on December 11, 2017 at 7:15 PM

It's been awhile since I've written you due to my moving into a new home. Things are brighter here in some ways and darker in others. Most importantly, I am finding the light within the darkness which is my hope for you too. During the Jewish month of Kislev, as we begin to celebrate the winter's darkest days, Chanukah shines a bright light. By the end of Kislev, when the moon is its darkest, our menorah shines its brightest.

I loved this video by the 8th Day about the "neis", candle: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVhE7_AUtNI..and this quote from Proverbs (20:27), "The flame of G-d is the soul of the human being."

My life right now, caring for my ill husband, includes many dark emotions, sadness and sorrow. It seems like this Life has no meaning at all sometimes. But then I get to my breaking point and discover the great love and care in my heart that is emerging at the same time. Life is both as bitter as it is sweet and allowing yourself to feel the bitterness will allow you to also feel the sweetness.

The last days of Chanukah bring in the next month of Tevet. During this month there is a fast day, mourning a few different things: the day that the Torah was translated into Greek; the day that Ezra died and the era of prophecy along with him; and the birthday of the man who was later claimed to be a god....(Do you also mourn the birth of that religion? I have lots of anger in me that get triggered by it that I continually need to work on healing.) Tevet is the month where the energy allows for the rectifying of anger.

In my class this Sunday, I will give a brief overview of the Tree of Life and will show how to use it to work through anger by accessing dormant personality parts. Yes, Jewish CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

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