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Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Certified Kabbalah Coach


Riding the Waves

Posted on April 6, 2018 at 7:35 PM

How often has your life felt like a series of waves? Some days, the body surfing is like a smooth, fun ride - easily floating over the top. At other times, the waves can get quite large and break at the top. During those times you may find yourself holding your breath and diving into the middle, knowing that you'll be able to breathe again once the wave passes. Then there are those times when life feels like being hit by a tidal wave! I have had many times in my life when I've been hit by a tidal wave.

In fact, I am just now recovering from a tidal wave that hit me last year.

What I so love about studying Kabbalah is that it gives me the perspective I need for whenever the tidal wave hits me. It tells me that every challenge I go through in life has been custom-created for the development of my soul. If I can remember that the major tenant of Judaism comes out of its deepest, most beautiful story of the Jewish people's exodus from slavery, then I can find my way out of feeling victimized by my circumstances. I can remember that every exile, every feeling of being trapped between the enemy and a sea, has only one outcome: a miraculous splitting of the sea and a journey to the "Promised Land".

That is the bottom line. There is a final outcome promised for all of our hard labor. In Hebrew, it's called, "Geulah". In English the word translates as redemption but it represents so much more than that. It's the promise of a future world that we can't even fathom from our present state of consciousness.

True Freedom, can only be found within our consciousness. Every time we challenge a limiting belief, we find another road to freedom in a Promised Land. Limiting beliefs are usually formed by our fears. The tidal wave hits and then come all of the ways we become entrapped and enslaved. "I can't, I should, I'll never, It's too much/too hard/more than I can handle, it's always like this and will always be, I'm wrong/defective/being punished, etc., etc." And while some of that is true: we are only human, right? There's still a Power greater than ourselves Who has big Plans for this world.

Holding to those Plans, sets us free. That's when the miracles happen. Because truly, we can't do any of this all by ourselves with our own puny, limited perspectives.

Happy Passover to you and yours. May we all reach the Promised Land with ease and grace and peace. Next year in Jerusalem!

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