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I'm Finally Doing It!!

Posted on January 24, 2023 at 12:40 AM

I've felt so stuck and static the past few years! Have you too? The past few years have been filled with fear and isolation and loneliness. But I decided to take a risk and join my Kabbalah teacher's year-long program in order to get me out of my slump. Sometimes just taking one step forward, even if you're not sure and even if you're afraid, can transform everything.


One Step Forward

A year long commitment to a program isn't a small, baby step! But I took that step realizing it would likely get me being creative again. Last week my teacher gave me the assignment to write more emails to you all. So, I made another commitment, even though I wasn't sure because I was worried how you would all respond. The commitment was to write 2 emails a week until the end of February and to also find out what you are needing from me.


Your responses to this has been really encouraging! Thank you for responding! I am learning that sharing my own soul has given you something to think about. The doing of it is allowing me to focus more on being creative and on opening my mind to discover what I'm being inspired to write about!


Kabbalah Cards Site

Going Back to Move Forward


I knew that I wanted to go back to what I'd been doing prior to my husband's diagnosis. And knew that I wanted to go online with the classes I had already taught in S.Cruz. So I'm tweaking them and hoping to make them more user-friendly. They are really a journey through the Jewish calendar, accessing the energy portals there that allow for transformation. But really, it's a Judaism & Kabbalah 101 for anyone who wants to learn about the Jewish holidays, history and concepts.


Moving Forward and Letting go of the Results


I don't know if the 101 classes is really something that anyone will want to learn or access. But I find that more and more people do want to learn about Judaism - both Jews and non-Jews are wanting to learn about something that has been so hidden. So far I've tweaked the classes on the Jewish New Year and the ones for the Winter Months and I'm almost done with the next two months, celebrating trees and the victory of Esther.


Anyway, it keeps me busy and creative and happy to have finally moved forward on this project, no matter what happens with it!! Sometimes just taking action really allows change to take place.


Kabbalah Concepts Inspire Me


Here's the Kabbalah card I think about when I remember the concept in Judaism and Kabbalah where ACTION is the most important thing. The steps we take forward is really the only thing that matters. Actions we take in this world is the only thing that matters in Judaism - getting to the next world is NOT. So if you can't keep up with reading all of these emails - it's ok. My taking action is more important than the results.




Kabbalah Cards are Affirmations of Jewish Wisdom


Keep moving forward,



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