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Did You Feel It?

Posted on January 26, 2023 at 5:55 PM

There's a new moon which means there's a new month on the Jewish calendar. Did you feel the change? In this post, I want to talk about the Jewish secrets of time. Did you know that every Jewish holiday, every month and every day of the week is a mystical portal to your soul's potential? Today is the 4th day of the new month of Shevat.


Spring is Stirring

New life is stirring hidden within the trees right now and in Kabbalah, a human is a "Tree of the field". On the full moon of this month, the 15th, we have the new year for the trees. "Tu BiShevat" is the name of the holiday and it simply translates as the 15th of the month of Shevat. It's when the sap in the tree starts to ascend through the roots and regrow the trees. It's a hidden light that gives new life. What is stirring within you?


This is I do when the new month arrives!




Contact me if you have the cards and have questions on how to do this!


A reply to the last post got me excited because it validated my intention of creating these cards. This person had found me online because she wanted to "learn Kabbalah from the Jewish perspective". As a Tarot fan, I also had that same desire because the Qabalah in Tarot has NOT been from a Jewish perspective!


I had originally created my Kabbalah cards out of a frustration I felt trying to create a Tarot deck with Jewish Kabbalah in it. It's still a possible future project of mine. But first, I wanted to have some undiluted Judaism and Kabbalah to apply to my life. So, the cards I created were NOT in any way connected to Tarot.


Kabbalah Cards Site

The Cards Came from a Desire


But why create them in the first place? Because I wanted to intertwine inside of me, in my memory, inspiration and actions all of the Jewish holidays, months of the year, Kabbalah concepts and Sefirot on the Tree of Life (which is the main symbol/diagram in Kabbalah). But Why? Because I wasn't raised with much of the understanding of how to apply these things to my life. I was raised Jewish but I wanted to have these things guide my life and permeate my life and I believed that doing so would inspire me on my healing journey.


Besides, I love being in touch with these mystical portals of energy and potential! I love that I can connect with them to amplify my personal development and my soul's light. And I am passionate about Jewish wisdom!


What are your desires? Why do you read my posts? What are your reasons for staying connected with me? Here are the reasons I think you stay connected:


  1. You're a present/former client and you just like me and like learning from me.
  2. You found me through the internet because you googled Kabbalah and loved the idea of Kabbalah cards
  3. You're my friend/family member and just love me!
  4. You want to learn more about Judaism and Kabbalah.
  5. My posts have just inspired you and you like my writing.
  6. You want to learn more about how to apply Kabbalah to your life.
  7. You are on a personal journey of self-discovery and find that my posts help you understand more about yourself and about life.
  8. You took a class with me and want to keep learning from me.
  9. You love Tarot!!
  10. Something else - let me know what it is!

Contact me on this! All you have to do is go to my contact page, type one or some of these numbers and hit send. It will help inspire me to keep going!


I am half-way through tweaking my monthly online classes and could use some inspiration for finishing the year. I have completed the 2 months of the Jewish New Year and the 2 months I've called, "Winter C​alendar" and I've just completed the 2 months I've called, "Trees and Esther". So, now I'm onto a 3 month course containing Passover and the Counting of the Omer and Shavout. Then it's only 2 more months to round out the full year!


Sometimes I get self-critical and think I am doing all of this for nothing, no one really cares about this, it's too long and no one will want to learn this stuff anyway. Sometimes I get inspired and don't care about any of that because it's giving me something to do that has some purpose to it. Hearing back from you keeps me going, so thanks for replying!


Hope you're having a great start to the month of Shevat!!


Take care,



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