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Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Certified Kabbalah Coach


Magic and the Mystical

Posted on January 30, 2023 at 1:35 PM

I have always wanted to imbue my life with magic and the mystical. How can I be inspired in my daily life? What gives my life meaning? These are the questions I bring into the new life that I am creating. What are YOUR questions?


Saying Goodbye

In the past 2 1/2 years, I've been wanting to create a new life that is better than the old one. A life filled with magic, synchronous events, meaningful coincidences and joyful interactions with others. I have wanted to say goodbye to all of the challenges that my short 63 years has brought me.


I am of the age where it's now or never.


I have been hoping that I could create a life where the challenges and traumas no longer come my way. But is that really possible?


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We can't really control what life brings. I am someone who has had many difficult situations that seemingly came out of no where.


  • Chronic migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • Stage 3 breast cancer - yes it was in my lymph nodes - in 2009
  • My husband's anal cancer coincided with my dad dying from colon cancer
  • Dad dies and then in the same year, my husband gets diagnosed with FTD and is given 4 yrs and he was gone after 3
  • Mom gets diagnosed with Alzheimers while I am caring for my husband. I live 7 hrs away from her by car and I have the POA over her care.

Seems like a lot of stuff for one person to have happen in their life, and so hard for my 2 kids!!!


But I have survived them all. And I'm looking forward to creating my next chapter.


Truly, the only thing we have control over is where we place our focus. Which thoughts am I gonna give energy to and focus on? Which beliefs are going to lead me? How will I treat myself when hard emotions arise? How will I treat others? These seem to be the most important questions.


When I live from the inside out, I am no longer being dragged around by outside circumstances. When I live from the inside out, rather than having every situation outside of myself effect my thoughts and feelings, I can sometimes see my outside circumstances come into alignment with my inside thoughts and feelings and then I seem to be effecting them. They change for the better.


Now THAT'S the magic that I'm looking for!


What have YOU gone through in your life? What have YOU survived? Wow, we are amazingly strong creatures, aren't we?


I have a friend who once called me a "Badass"!!! Most of the time, I believe I'm a wimp but those are old beliefs based on comparing myself to my mom who was an incredibly badass woman!


This is the belief that I want to embrace: That I am strong in a different way than I thought my mom wanted me to be. And that's a different kind of "strong" than how I perceived her to be.


What thoughts are you hoping to focus on? Make it a commitment over the next few days. Pull a Kabbalah card if you don't know what focus to have. Then focus on that.


Take good care,



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