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What Inspires You?

Posted on February 2, 2023 at 4:50 PM

When I started really learning about Kabbalistic Judaism, I was inspired by the concept of "Geulah". The word literally means "redemption" but that word is so un-inspiring! What does redemption really mean in modern thought and perspectives? Geulah actually answers the most basic and most meaningful questions of life.


The Most Important Questions


  • Why are we here?
  • What are we supposed to do with this life?
  • What's the point of it all?


Geulah was the first card I pulled for my monthly layout. It was supposed to answer the question: How do I stay rooted and strong this month? One of the interpretations of the Geulah card that I have on the card and in my interpretations booklet is "keep your eyes on the prize".

  Kabbalah Cards are Visual Affirmations of Jewish Wisdom

There is a goal. There is a purpose. There is an outcome.


The other night I had a flying dream. I love those. I am flying above the trees and I know that I am flying higher and more solidly than I have in a long time. And I know that this is because I have my mind in a positive place so nothing will drag me back down to earth.


So, next time something "bad" happens, I hope to remember that it's for the ultimate Geulah. Everything that comes into my sphere of awareness is custom-created for the best outcome. No more sickness, no more death, no more challenge. Heaven on Earth. There is no other place to try to get to. That's one of the things I love about Judaism. It's all about HERE and NOW.


(Are you wondering about the Jewish concept of Moshiach? Look at this site and you'll learn more about it from the religion that invented the idea of a Messiah. There are LOTS of articles in their Moshiach 101.)


How are you moving your little corner of the world toward it's final destination? Can you even imagine living a supernatural existence? Can you see that it's all supernatural right now? Just think about how your heart beats and your body breathes without your even having to focus on it. It's a natural thing but isn't it also supernatural?


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