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Meaningful Coincidences

Posted on February 19, 2023 at 3:50 PM

In 2017, my dad died. I felt like all the love in our family went with him. Geoff had begun stuttering and was diagnosed 6 months later, given 4 years to live. It was with the same disease as was just recently announced about Bruce Willis. I longed to ask my dad, the doctor, about it. To feel his love and support. To have his compassion for my plight.


It felt like I was headed for even more sorrow than my husband was. My perspective was: I had nothing to look forward to but 4 years of watching my life partner of 35 years deteriorate and die right in front of my eyes. Nothing to look forward to but death and destruction. When would it happen? How would it happen? And even worse (?) after it happened, I would be utterly alone in my life!


Meaningful Coincidences

My husband was gone in spirit, if not in body, for 3 years. My dad was gone. My son had moved across the country to go to med school. Aimee and I went through a kind of hell that we tried to escape through many different unhealthy things. What did it mean that all of my men were out of reach? This coincidence was too huge to avoid looking at more deeply.


There's GOT to be a reason. Someone doesn't become suddenly widowed during a pandemic when there's loneliness on top of isolation! This is how I look at my life: there's always a good reason even when the bad things happen.


I ask myself:



  • How can this make me a stronger person?
  • A better human?
  • More on purpose?
  • What am I to learn from this?
  • How can this help me love myself more?


That's the only way I can get through the hardest things that happen in life. In Kabbalah and Judaism, every darkness is custom created for our benefit - to enable us to leap to the next level. When Life brings us to our knees, we have the ability to let something new in.


 Hasidic Kabbalah Cards are Visual Affirmatios of Jewish Wisdom

What meaningful coincidences are you discovering in your life? Are you able to see them? These are winks from Hashem! What are they telling you? What new awareness is coming in? The new moon, the darkest moon, is happening in the next few days bringing with it the Jewish month of Joy! Let's open ourselves up to gratitude because that can bring in more joy. Each new moon and month on the Jewish calendar is a portal from and to a Higher way of being.


Go to my contact page and let me know what are the things that have brought you to your knees and what you gained from those things happening to you!


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