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Spontaneous Consulting

Posted on March 3, 2023 at 3:50 PM

Have you ever had a hard day or moment and just needed some reassurance about what it's all about? Cards work so well for that! I have been consulting my cards pretty regularly lately and am so proud of what I have created. They are so deep that I really don't need to pull a card every day because many of them can inform me for days, weeks, and an entire month!


I get answers to the questions that plague me.


Mostly the question is this:


how can I face this thing in the best, highest, most loving and giving way, with the greatest of service to the planet?

Spontaneous Consulting

My favorite way to work with my cards is when I'm struggling and just need some higher input into how to handle things.


Kabbalah Cards Site

This is the card I pulled for today when I had a moment of struggle:



My Interpretation Booklet gives me a good direction for the meaning of pulling this card today: Find the sparks in your challenges, the blessings in disguise.

Does that apply to you to today too? Write me back and let me know. It's such a beautiful Kabbalah Concept that can be applied to your life at any time. I am so grateful to have learned these concepts and created a user friendly way for people to apply them to their lives too. Try it out. If you don't have a deck, go to my free class online through the link above. Ask the same question I do and randomly open one of the cards.


When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, I remembered that one time my friend gave me a dollar so that I could do a mitzvah once I got to where I was travelling to - to get me there safely. It's a Jewish custom to do that. Giving charity is a mitzvah. Teaching Kabbalah was my dollar to get to the other side of cancer safely.


Here's a picture of what I was sent by JLI for the Israel trip I'm taking in 9 days! This was the first on my bucket list. A trip to Israel to celebrate my retirement!



Today is my 2nd day of retirement! I'm so looking forward to my bucket list years! So many good things are just over the horizon for me. My last session with a client on Tuesday night was so beautiful, lovely and loving. A great send off! With someone I have been in contact with since March 17th of 2011. Just a couple years after I was diagnosed! My hair was probably still short and curly!!!! Ha!


I wish you a good week full of seeing the blessing in disguise!


Take good care,



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