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Energizing Passover

Posted on April 17, 2023 at 7:45 PM

My cleaning woman canceled this morning. I was just thinking how lucky I was to get my house cleaned post-covid, pre-Passover. This morning I went out to purchase some last minute food stuff in prep for the week of Passover food. Is the lox at Costco Kosher for Passover? Yes!!! Does the westside Safeway have any more goodies than this side of town does?


I really hate going to the West side! Too many memories both good and sad make me sad. But I love Costco lox and that Safeway. I went and didn't buy any goodies but felt so good that they had them to sell. When you can't find anything but matzo anywhere, it really feels so special when a store actually tries. But sorry, No, I won't buy that jellied candy fruit!! Ha!


Uplifting Passover

Because of covid I had to cancel my seder. I'd invited a whole group of women over. Still, I'm glad I canceled because I'm really very tired and feeling weak and that scares me. My mind goes to fears of long covid. I'm trying to remember that I am still recovering and it can't be long covid yet!!!


Writing you is giving me a boost and I did want to let you all know that I am testing negative now. No more covid.


I am thinking of my trip fondly and want to write you more about it. I just loved Jerusalem. It felt like a Utopia - so clean and so new. So beautiful. When our bus left Jerusalem for our trip home to the airport, I felt a tug of sadness about leaving the Kotel. Memories and flashes of memories of the Kotel are still lifting me up.


Despite anticipating a seder all by myself, I'm remembering how nice it was to do that during the isolation of a couple years ago. It was a deeply meditative seder for me. I pulled this card for today to help me and it's helping me to focus on the positive.



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