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Overcoming Self - Sabotage

Posted on April 23, 2023 at 4:25 PM

Today's the 2nd day of the new moon of the new Jewish month of Iyar where we enter a month of healing. I put a photo of myself at 3 years old on my screen saver.



How Old Was I?

Seems so appropriate to go back to age 3 to find the healing.


What kind of healing will come in with this new moon? The full moon always comes in with all its glory, definitely noticeable and so out there in its being fully expressed. The new moon, on the other hand, reminds me of my tendency to go inward and be introverted, isolated, insecure. It comes in quietly, slowly, reticent.


Overcoming Self Sabotage

What new energy is going to be birthed inside of you this month? Can you feel it stirring? Just like any new beginning, it doesn't burst on the scene but rather, instead, it creeps in very slowly, behind the scenes and unnoticeable. And begins with a prior completion. Just this morning, I completed the online course I've been working on so diligently for nearly a year - overcoming my self sabotage.


It's a course that I taught to a very small group in S. Cruz way back in 2014 or so. A course that I put online in 2019 when my husband's illness took me away from myself. A course that I never thought I'd complete and with my self sabotage, told myself that it wasn't really worth all the work involved in putting it online. No one would really want to take this course, my self sabotage would tell me.


This past week, I kept hitting road blocks with it and nearly gave up on it. It was really close to being finished too. So close.


When I would work on it, I would remember that it DID have some fine stuff in it and was really worthy. (Full moon?) When I would merely think about it though, I would have those same insecure thoughts. (New Moon?) So, I did a couple things to overcome that insecure inner self- sabotaging voice. First, I completed a craft project and used it like a symbol of completing the online course - just complete it imperfectly but get it done! And I printed out all the nice things you guys have written to me over the past weeks and months of writing these emails.


I was reminded by a buddy that today is a celebration of sorts. I'm celebrating by sharing my course with you all. My next step with the course is to find someone to help me market it and find someone from the teachable website to give me ideas for making it more user friendly. Oy! Reaching out for help isn't easy either!


Anyway, it's a weekly course that goes through the Jewish calendar month by month, giving anyone who knows nothing about Judaism and Kabbalah, a way to become an Insider. History, holidays and concepts from Jewish wisdom are all interspersed, along with ways to use the Kabbalah cards on a monthly basis. It's a simple way to intake a bit at a time over the course of an entire year.


The first time I taught the course, I called it "Way Beyond Astrology" because the months on the Jewish calendar bring us energies we can work with like the energies of the planets and stars. Now I call it "Kabbalah and Judaism 101".


I made the entire year-long course available at a discount but I have 3 courses that can be purchased separately if someone just wants to learn more about Chanukah or Passover, for example. Most of the course is free and lots of it is available for free preview though that could change in the future. Please go over and check it out. Even if you don't want to do the entire course, there's going to be something interesting to you to explore for free. And, of course, let me know what you think.


Take good care,




​Kabbalah and Judaism 101 - go from knowing nothing to becoming an insider.


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