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Are You Shy Like Me?

Posted on January 18, 2023 at 5:55 PM

Shyness & Introversion

I have read that Introverts aren't necessarily shy people but the two are very much linked in my case. My shyness has furthered my being introverted but my introversion has been a very good thing!


Reasons I am shy:



  • My early upbringing was with a highly judgmental mother (who actually become a superior court judge!) So, I decided to stay quiet to avoid the painful criticisms that would come my way.
  • I developed a mistrust of my inner promptings.
  • Early on I made the decision to not ask for help because I had experiences when there were no adults to depend on.
  • I came to believe that if I stayed hidden, I would stay safe.
  • Reply back with the reasons you became shy!



My shyness created a huge Inner World!! That's what I think my introversion is and it's a big gift!! I want to share about how using cards has come out of the strength of being an Introvert.





Cards As Visual Affirmations of Fear


When I was under 5 yo, my mother sent me and my sister, 2 yrs younger, out to play on the street alone while she studied for law school. Our little dog, Barbette (a miniature black poodle) was our babysitter (this was Mom's joke). The neighborhood kids took us inside of a camper where we were showed Monster Cards. Do any of you remember those from the early 60's? At the time, those cards really scared me!!!


Until just recently, I never put that memory together with my later interest in using cards for self-improvement.


When I was in grad school, I was so shy I would never talk in class and so the director of the program wanted to kick me out! He called me a J.A.P. Can you believe it?! That's anti-Semitism. My Tarot teacher stood up for me and I was able to stay in school.


Cards Became Not Scary but Helpful


The Tarot cards became a way for me to help myself:



  • to work on myself
  • to find answers within myself
  • to trust myself
  • to become stronger in my Inner Wisdom


They worked within my introverted boundaries to build me up from the inside. Reply to me whether the above list is something you want and need too! Or let me know what YOUR needs are.


So when I created the Kabbalah Cards, I added an element of working with Jewish wisdom. That helps with pride in my heritage as well as being able to apply Jewish wisdom to my life. The cards I created are not in any way connected to Tarot cards. They are completely different but the way I teach people to work with them is the same as how I helped myself with Tarot cards.


Kabbalah Cards Site

Unfortunately, the printing website I send people to to purchase my cards doesn't allow me to know who has purchased them!! So, if you do get a deck, please let me know so I can stay in touch with you and help you learn to use them.


Take care,




My Kabbalah Card that reminds me of Introversion:


Kabbalah Cards are Visual Affirmations of Jewish Wisdom



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