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Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Certified Kabbalah Coach

Your Soul's Purpose

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Your Soul's Purpose - as seen through the Jewish Calendar

This is a downloadable PDF that's around 4 pages. It describes you and your personality by looking at your birthday on the Jewish calendar. Like a birthday reading you might find from an astrologer, this listing gives you insight into your personality and soul's purpose. You will get a colorful PDF that will be sent to you through email.

The PDF describes your Essence by looking at 3 things:

  •  The month on the Jewish calendar that you were born - which will describe your personality and your natural gifts/talents.
  •  Your personal Hebrew letter - which is the number of the day you were born, describing your True Essence.
  • Your Torah Portion - which is the part of the Old Testament that corresponds with the week you were born, describing your Purpose.

Gain a better understanding of yourself/Self by looking through the lens of

the Kabbalah of the Jewish Calendar .

You will develop a greater connection to the religion of your forefathers.

You will learn more about Judaism and Kabbalah.

Where were you born? What time were you born? What is your birthdate?

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