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Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Certified Kabbalah Coach

Jewish History Classes Along with Kabbalah and Holidays

Jewish Calendar of Holidays

Take A Journey Through the Jewish Calendar

You can learn Jewish History quickly and easily by taking this online, self-paced, monthly class.  Each month on the Jewish calendar shows us how history repeats itself over and over, deeper and deeper.  These dates, some starting 5000 years ago, have left an energy imprint for accessing specific lessons for our lives today.

Knowing the history of the Jewish people through these Jewish History Classes enables us to learn how to utilize the Jewish calendar to access the growth potentials within each month of the year.  Different seasons bring different potentials and different treasures to be enjoyed.

You can learn Jewish History, Jewish Holidays, and Jewish Kabbalah Quickly and Easily Through Taking these Self-Paced Classes.

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